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 All high alert drugs are in the smart syringe product pipeline!​​

  • Digital Hospital, Inc.'s TAWF system (Technology Assisted Work Flow), creates a "Smart Insulin" syringe that knows the dose inside itself, and knows that the amount is the correct dosage for the patient. 
  • "Smart Syringes" emulates a human independent double-check in order to eliminate high alert drug errors in the hospital setting.
  • "Smart Syringes" are created from regular, on the market syringes, which are inexpensive and not prone to cross-contamination. 

  • Insulin is a potentially fatal drug, and is the most frequently involved in harmful medication errors -- more than morphine, fentanyl, heparin, or warfarin. (See Footnote 1)
  • Many hospitals do not independently double-check to assure that patients are about to receive the correct amount of insulin.
  • "Patient's Rights" should include the right to have the dose of insulin independently double-checked at the bedside.

Digital Hospital, Inc.

The Solution

Artist Rendition

of Final Device

The Problem

  • Digital Hospital, Inc.'s technology adds a barcode for the insulin syringe signifying the syringe's actual dose. The barcode is then scanned at the bedside, before administration. (See Demo of Initial Prototype)
  • Double-checking the amount of the dose would rid hospitals of 95% of their insulin dosing errors. (See Footnote 2) 
  • The patient's vulnerability caused by an imprecise manual measurement or by manual data entry is eliminated.
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Smart Syringe

2nd Generation Prototype

Our first "Smart Syringe" deals with insulin safety.

Smart Insulin