The Solution

“It’s good! It’s a safety device designed to prevent the wrong type and amount of insulin being administered.” 

Registered Nurse

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​​          Insulin Dosage Verification


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Our Mission

The problem is that there has not been an effective way to verify the amount of insulin administered by syringe in a hospital setting, nor is there a way to electronically verify that the correct dose of insulin is given to the correct patient. This leaves patient safety too vulnerable to human error. DoseGuru       by Digital Hospital solves this problem.

  • Thirty-five percent of hospital deaths attributable to medical errors are due to medications.
  • Insulin dosing errors cause hypo or hyperglycemia resulting in prolonged length of stay, morbidity and mortality.
  • For hospitalized diabetic patients who have died due to a medical error, insulin is implicated in one third of the cases.

Digital Hospital's mission is to improve patient safety by creating innovative products that help eliminate human errors.


The Problem


DoseGuru       makes it possible to measure syringe volumes of insulin as low as 0.005 mL. The minute volume of insulin typically needed in injections could not be automatically verified in the prior state of the art.

The injection of the verified dose is, of course, also automatically documented in the hospital's Electronic Health Record.

The prior vulnerability caused by an imprecise manual measurement and data entry workflow is thus eliminated.

1/3 of fatal medical errors in the hospital among diabetics are due to insulin medication errors.