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Our Vision:

The problem is that there has not been an effective way to verify the type and amount of insulin administered in a hospital setting, nor is there a way to verify that the correct dose is administered to the correct patient. This leaves patient safety too vulnerable to human error. Until now.  Read more...

  • Insulin is implicated in 33% of medication error related events.
  • Dosing errors cause hypo or hyperglycemia resulting in prolonged length of stay, morbidity and mortality.
  • Currently, there is no true confirmation of the dose that is administered by the nurse.
  • 440,000 medical errors result in death in U.S. hospitals every year.

Digital Hospital, Inc.'s vision is to improve hospital safety by creating products that will help eliminate human error.


The Solution

“That type of technology is impressive...If this helps validate the right dose pulled up out of the vial, I think it’s an important tool that can decrease medication errors.”

Director of Pharmacy, Community Hospital, 200 beds, MO

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The Facts:

Imagine the Future:

"Your hospital aspirin dose is automatically verified.

Shouldn't your insulin dose?"   

                  Phil Wyman, CEO

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Hospital Feedback:

For the first time ever, we are able to measure insulin volumes as low as 0.03 mL (and up) in a syringe as well as automatically documenting administration in the hospital's Electronic Health Record. Digital Hospital has developed and patented a medical device and software based on new Volumetric Smart Sensor Software (VSS) technology.  See our product demo...

1/3 of fatal medical errors in the hospital among diabetics are due to insulin medication errors.

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Call Us: (40­8) ­809­-44­20


Introducing: DHI's Volumetric Smart Sensor Insulin Dosage Verification Device