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Our Mission

Insulin is one of these possibly fatal drugs. Insulin provided us with an unique safety challenge. Unlike the other high alert drugs, there was no efficient way for the nurse to electronically double check that the amount of the dose is correct before the drug is injected into the patient. This leaves patient safety too vulnerable to human error. The iDoubleCheck      safety system by Digital Hospital, Inc. solves this problem.


  • Insulin doses can be so small that current technology couldn’t measure the dose electronically.  A typical dose is 5/100ths of a milliLiter.
  • Insulin is a potentially fatal drug, and is the most frequently involved in harmful medication errors. (More than morphine, fentanyl, heparin, or warfarin.).

Digital Hospital's mission is to improve patient safety by creating innovative products that help eliminate human errors.


The Problem

The iDoubleCheck       makes it possible, at the patient's bedside and before the drug is administered, to digitally verify that the nurse's measurement of insulin is the proper amount.

The verified dose is automatically documented in the hospital's Electronic Health Record, closing the loop.

The current vulnerability caused by an imprecise manual measurement or by manual data entry is thus eliminated.

25% of all medication errors reported in the hospital involve high-alert medications.



Verification System


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The Solution

“That type of technology is impressive...If this helps validate the right dose pulled up out of the vial, I think it’s an important tool that can decrease medication errors.”

Director of Pharmacy

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