“Right now we don’t know if somebody gets .12 versus .15 because it’s all manual. It would also eliminate or minimize the manual labeling of insulin once it’s drawn up.”

Director of Pharmacy, Community Hospital, 120 beds, Ohio

“That type of technology is impressive...If this helps validate the right dose pulled up out of the vial, I think it’s an important tool that can decrease medication errors.”

Director of Pharmacy, Community Hospital, 200 beds, MO

“It protects you. ...I can take out multiple insulins and label them and not be worried I’m giving the wrong dose to the wrong patient. ”

Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Community Hospital, 200 beds, Chicago

DoseGuru        Feedback 


“The potential for medication errors with insulin is extremely high. That’s one of our

high risk medications and areas that we focus in on.” 

InPatient Operations Director, Community Hospital

“It’s good! It’s a safety device designed to prevent the wrong type and amount of insulin being administered.” 

Registered Nurse, Digital Hospital's Focus Group 2, Chicago 

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