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Introducing: Our Volumetric Smart Sensor Insulin Dosage Verification Device

Our Volumetric Smart Sensor (VSS) medical device enables the accurate verification and documentation of insulin administered in a hospital setting.

How It Works:

The medical device discerns the correct type and dosage of insulin in a syringe. If the type and amount of insulin prepared matches the prescription in the hospital's electronic health record (EHR), the nurse receives positive feedback from the system and a label is produced to attach to the syringe. At the point of administration, the syringe label is scanned and the type and dosage of insulin is automatically recorded in the patient’s EHR.  Please see the Nurse Workflow Video on the left for a demonstration. 

VSS makes the process faster, more affordable and more accurate than current practice. (No other device currently exists on the market today that is capable of accurately measuring volumes less than 1 mL).

Our device saves the nurse time by automatically documenting the administration of insulin at the bedside. The lack of a device that can verify dosage errors under 1 mL has caused dosing errors in hospitals all over the world. This device will reduce human error, and we are confident it will reduce medical mistakes in hospitals resulting lives saved.

Digital Hospital, Inc. has a patented, working prototype (proof of concept) that has been proven to accurately measure the dosage of insulin in a syringe.

Now we need to improve our design, manufacture additional prototypes, and field test the device to quantify the amount of error and cost reduction associated with its use. Once we have this data, we will present it to Institute for Healthcare Improvement and others. Our goal is for our device to become the insulin safety standard in hospitals throughout the US, and around the world. We are seeking investors now. Please call us today and get involved in this exciting venture. 

A Gap in the Market (Competitive Analysis)

Because there is currently no medical device that can effectively and efficiently measure the type and amount of insulin in a syringe, we have a unique opportunity to corner the market.

There are devices that measure medication doses using gravimetric techniques, but their signal to noise ratio prevents them from accurately measuring volumes less than 1 mL. Gravimetric methods are bprevents them from accurately measuring volumes less than 1 mL. They are also expensive and slow inhibiting hospital adoption and producing user dissatisfaction in a fast paced nursing unit.Digital Hospital, Inc.

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