Manufacturers :  We know you want your development process for new medical devices to be able to communicate to the Electronic Health Record (EHR). But to prepare your own device for the EHR, you know the feed can be like a fire hose. How do you handle all that data?

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You could have your customer spend time and money filtering your feed, and incurring a large inter-departmental IT Department bill for the effort.

Or you can use Digital Hospital Inc.’s  “NLP 4 EHR” natural language processing system and tell IT to just duplicate and open an existing port for you. Your own product will deal with filtering the information you need, through your own server in the Hospital Server Farm.  No muss, no fuss, and no $50k bill from the IT department to deal with.

“NLP 4 EHR” has the filters you need to deal with the flow of information from an open, non-filtered EHR port. Filter what you need and ignore what you don’t. With “NLP 4 EHR”  your medical device will go on the market with your sales force just having to say, “Give me what you’ve got, our devices will handle it.”  Your customer saves time and money.