Developed by Digital Hospital, Inc. scientists, the main innovation of VSS is to be able to measure the inner diameter of the cylinder, thereby increasing volumetric accuracy. Our scientists will work with your scientists to develop new products that are faster and more accurate than those on the market today. 

VSS's increased speed implies a time savings, which is always a selling point in measuring devices, because quicker means more throughput.  

Increased accuracy from using VSS allows for extremely minute amounts of liquid or air to be measured. 

From syringe manufacturers to pharmaceutical robotic manufacturers, everyone can benefit from using our new VSS measurement technology.

Introducing: Digital Hospital, Inc.'s  licensable

VSS Measurement Technology 

Our Volumetric Smart Sensor (VSS) Measurement Technology allows the user to measure amounts of air or liquid in cylinders, such as syringes, much more accurately and faster than any gravitational measurement system. 

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