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About Digital Hospital Inc.

Digital Hospital Inc. is a medical systems company. The first product will be an independent double-check of insulin dosage at the bedside. the next line of products include solutions for all medications, not just insulin. Digital Hospital, Inc. will position itself as a global medical device company, creating a new product area for hospital patient safety. We estimate an $8 billion new wealth market created.

The problem worth solving with our first product: 

Insulin is a potentially fatal drug, and is the most frequently involved in harmful medication errors -- more than morphine, fentanyl, heparin, or warfarin. (See Footnote 1)  Dosing errors can cause hypo or hyperglycemia resulting in prolonged length of stay, morbidity and mortality. There is currently no true accurate confirmation of dose administered in hospitals, which leaves room for human error.                                                                      

Digital Hospital, Inc.'s solution:

We have created a medical device which uses advanced computer vision intelligence to discern the correct type & dosage of medication in a syringe. Documentation of dose administered doesn't rely on human data entry, and is accurately recorded in the Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Our device will help hospitals in the following ways:

Cut Costs:
Healthcare administrators are looking to cut costs. Digital Hospital's first product will cut their costs by reducing the amount of insulin wastage.

Increase Safety: Healthcare administrators are looking to increase patient safety. Digital Hospital's first medical device helps insure patient safety, by double checking the medication and dosage that the nurse has drawn up in the syringe.

Improve Health & Reduce Human Error: Healthcare administrators want better ways to improve the health of their patients. Digital Hospital uses advanced vision intelligence and the most current EHR data in order to more accurately ensure the correct amount of medication a patient is given. ​

About Digital Hospital, Inc.

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