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Double-Checking Injectable Medications with Computer Vision

The Technology

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  • Quality of care for injectable medications in the hospital is compromised when the type or quantity of the dose in the syringe is uncertain. 
  • Uncertainty occurs when the dose is not independently verified before administration. 
  • The iDoubleCheck system provides the nurse with an easy and convenient way to independently double-check the type and dose in a syringe.
  • ​Digital Hospital’s iDoubleCheck technology for measuring small amounts of injectable medication opens up new areas in the hospital for independent double checks including insulin administration, pediatrics; and neo-natal.

  • Digital Hospital, Inc.'s software communicates in real time with the hospital's Electronic Health Record (EHR) in order to validate that the nurse has drawn up the amount of medication in the syringe that was specified in the doctor's order.  
  • When the dose and type of medication in the syringe is confirmed by the software, a barcode label is printed to be attached to the syringe. The barcode is scanned at the patient's bedside before injection. (See Demo of Initial Prototype)
  • Independently double-checking the medication dose can reduce injectable medication dosing errors in hospitals by 95%. (See Footnote 2) 
  • With the iDoubleCheck technology, the patient's vulnerability caused by imprecise manual measurement, misinterpretation of medication orders, or manual data entry is eliminated.

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